Office Furniture Solutions that Reduce Stress and Save Money When Shopping


Furnishing an office is one of the many challenges a business will face. Whether you’re attempting to furnish a new space or redesign an existing office, there are several factors you have to consider and questions you might need to ask. How long will it take to get furniture? How much is it going to cost? What kind of furniture do you even need? 

The entire process can be very stressful, but fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re in the market to replace a few pieces or complete an entire redesign, there are several ways you can save time, money, and stress when office furniture shopping. In this blog, we take a look at some of the important things to think about, what kind of partner you should rely on, and provide some helpful tips for finding the right furniture for your unique needs.


What Should You Be Thinking About Before Your Start Shopping?

Your office is more than just a building and the right interior design and furniture elements can make a huge difference to both your customers and your employees. This means there are some critical factors to think about before you start shopping for new office furniture. 

  1. Your office reflects your brand, are you emphasizing the right message?
    Your office interior tells the story of your business and reflects what your business stands for. This is your opportunity to showcase your business’s personality and culture. This is how you not only attract customers, but attract and retain top talent, so it’s important to get an understanding of what you’re trying to say before you start shopping.  

  2. What do you need to create the perfect space for your employees?
    When it comes to buying or renovating office space, it may serve your company well to consult your employees on what they actually want or need. What are the kinds of working stations and furnishing that would help them to do their best work? This might determine the kind of furniture you purchase. 

  3. What does your company's future look like?
    One very important aspect of renovating interiors is thinking about your company’s future. You should be intentional about creating a space flexible enough to support potential growth or major changes. This will impact the kind of furniture you purchase and what you decide to do with your space so that you end up with something that works for your business in all the ways you need. 
Finding the Right Furniture Solutions

Finding the right office furniture solution for your business impacts several different aspects of your workplace, from employee satisfaction and productivity to corporate branding and consistency. Choosing furniture for your office is more than just browsing online and saying yes. The type of furniture you pick for your office will need to make sense for your business. 

When working with an office furniture partner, like Kentwood Office Furniture, the team will take time to understand what kind of business you have, the kind of work your employees do, and what would help them to be most successful and productive. This kind of survey work is critical to finding all the right furniture for your business.

Don't Redesign Your Office Alone

An office redesign is a heavy lift, and as a business owner, you have so many other things you need to focus on. It’s very likely that you don’t have the time to fully dedicate to a redesign or renovation. Or if you’re trying to source all your furnishings on your own, you might run into roadblocks like long lead times or massive price tags. Instead, you can partner with a team of experienced service professionals that can not only manage the project but provide support in finding viable options that align with your renovation timeline and stay within budget.

The right office furniture solutions partner will manage every aspect of your project from design to installation. A great office furniture partner will not only manage the project but be able to take the lead on the project and help bring your vision to life. Whether you want to be fully involved or totally hands-off, a great partner will be able to accommodate your capacity to deliver solutions that align with your brand and future goals. 

Redesigning your office space without an expert on your side could unearth several kinds of issues. If you embark on this process alone, you might wind up with an office space that isn’t useful to you in the long run or you could end up spending a lot more money than necessary. Collaborating with an office furniture partner means you get access to products and configurations that you might not otherwise have. The right partner will take into consideration all of the different factors of your project to present designs that respect your vision, time, and budget.


Ready to refresh your office space?

Reach out to Kentwood Office Furniture and let’s chat about your project needs. We’re here to provide comprehensive furniture design services, manage space planning, finish selections, workstation visualization, and so much more. 


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